Affordable and proven online tutoring is guaranteed to improve your child's grades!

  • K-12 online tutoring.
  • We customize tutoring to meet each student needs.
  • We guide you to complete home work.
  • We offer curriculum based tutoring.
  • We offer tutoring to college students.
  • We offer tutoring to university students.
  • We report monthly student progress.
  • We identify student strengths and weakness.
  • We tailor to achieve student goals.
  • We offer online one-on-one and group tutoring.
  • We use state of art technology.
  • All tutoring is done in your home at your convenient time.
  • We guarantee to improve student scores.
  • We also offer tutoring for Indian CBSE, ICSE syllabus.
  • Competitive exam preparation.
  • T-JEE Exam Preparation.
  • EAMCET Exam Preparation.
  • MBA Entrance Exam Preparation etc.

eWebStudy Kit Installation

The eWebStudy Kit is a collection of software and hardware required to facilitate the eWebStudy process. In case you run into a technical problem, you can contact our technical support staff 9am to 9pm EST at our toll free number 1-877-231-0241.

Diagnostic Test

The Student Initial Evaluation Test or SIET evaluates the students proficiency in various subjects and assesses the vital skill gaps.

Customized Curriculum

Based on the SIET, our Academic Counselor formulates a customized curriculum for the students taking into account their specific needs and skill gaps.

One-on-One Tutoring

eWebStudy uses the customized One-on-One teaching approach that caters to your childs individual needs. Our unique study skill program helps motivate your child to enjoy his/her lessons. Using our simple and interactive techniques, which help your child understand lessons fast, he/she gains confidence and learns more in less time.

Optimum Progress

eWebStudy guarantees the rise in their scores within the first few months following the SIET.

Continuous Feedback

Progress of the student would be measured by comparing the students performance in the subsequent tests. This is graphically represented to enable the student, parent and tutor to gauge the childs improvement.

Knowledge Management System

Our Knowledge Management System enables a free flow of information between the parents of the enrolled students and the eWebStudy.