SAP Security - SAP Security Level 1 (40-hour Course)

This course will prepare you to Understand the Security concepts in SAP applications, to build a strong knowledge base on security so that it can be utilized for further developing security on any of the new SAP applications.

Course Objective

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. List the elements and objects of the authorization concept.
  2. Explain the use and purpose of the Profile Generator.
  3. Analyze authorizations.
  4. Identify and protect sensitive data in production system.
  5. Demonstrate use of the Audit Information System to structure and Conduct a thorough security audit.
  6. Configure standard SAP role maintenance tools to produce Business-specific, security-enhanced roles and authorization profiles.
  7. Secure change management mechanisms in production system landscapes.
  8. Secure system administration tools against misuse.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction into System Landscape.
  • Security Architecture.
  • SAP Authorization Concepts.
  • Terminology of Authorizations.
  • User Settings.
  • Profiles / Roles.
  • Project Scenarios.
  • Lab Exercises.
  • Internal Security Auditing.
  • Configuring and Using the Audit Information System.
  • Security Audit Tools.
  • Controlling Access to Transaction Codes, Tables, and Programs.
  • Logs to Monitor the Application.
  • User and Group Administration.
  • Transporting.
  • Integration into Organizational Management.
  • Central User Administration (CUA).
  • Lab Exercises.
  • Change Management and Security.
  • Audit Information System to conduct a thorough system audit.
  • Single Sign On.
  • SAP Logon Ticket.
  • X.509 Client Certificates.
  • Net weaver 7.0.
  • SAP Web Application Server - ABAP and JAVA.
  • SAP Web AS Security.
  • SAP Enterprise Portal.
  • SAP Enterprise Portal Security- Basics.
  • Network Basics.
  • Trusted Relationships between SAP Systems.
  • Follow up with remaining topics from previous Sessions.
  • TEST: 45 Question.
  • Introduction to popular applications BI, HR and CRM security.
  • Question and Answer Session.