How the Tutoring Process works:

eWebStudy uses state-of-the-art technology to bring personalized, live, one-on-one teaching to the comforts of your home over the internet. It is safe, instant and easy to use.

Free Live Demonstration

Once the student Signs Up for the online tutoring program, a counselor explains the detail of the eWebStudy process and helps download the required software. The student then gets a live demonstration on how to use the Interactive whiteboard application software and a mock class on the subject he/she chooses. The student then registers for the Interactive online tutoring classes.

Diagnostic Test to evolve personalized curriculum

The live tutoring process begins with the student Initial Evaluation Test (SIET). This evaluates the students proficiency in various subjects and asses the vital skill gaps. The tutor analyses the SIET report carefully and after detailed discussions with the parents and student, develops an evaluation report. Based on this report, the Academic Counselor evolves a comprehensive learning plan customized to meet the students specific skill gaps and learning style. The Interactive tutoring plan focuses on the topics that need the most attention to help the student achieve academic success.

Academic Counselor

The Academic Counselor develops a customized tutoring program after examining the Test. The Academic Counselor assigns an appropriate tutor for the student and schedules the lessons according to the students convenience.

Tutor Profile

The eWebStudy tutors are an extremely efficient group who love teaching and interacting with students from various backgrounds. They are highly qualified and have to go through a stringent certification procedure. Our Interactive tutors have to complete an extensive training program which tests their knowledge in the subject matter, tutoring ability and conduct mock tutoring sessions. The tutors comprise of trained teachers, professors, graduates and retired teachers who provide meaningful insight and personalized instruction to students. Our tutors follow the National and State Academic Standard and Curriculum.

Online tutors at eWebStudy are different from conventional tutors as they use interactive and engaging materials to teach. This keeps the students active and involved. They guide the student to incorporate self-learning strategies by allowing the student to interact with the appropriate learning material prepared according to the caliber of the student in various subjects. The tutor aims at providing information and in inculcating among the students logical thinking and analytical abilities. This in the long term will help the students to score well in standardized tests and competitive exams, thus boosting their self confidence.

eWebStudy, Tutor Certification Program ensures that the online teachers adhere to the best standards of proficiency, skill and quality in their tutoring. The Academic Counselor continually review their sessions, evaluates feedback and rating by students and parents, to constantly improve the tutoring sessions.

Live One-on-One tutoring

Our unique program guides and motivates students to gain proficiency step by step, skill by skill.

Convenient and flexible

At eWebStudy, tutors provide live one-on-one tutoring. The tutor is able to focus his attention on the student and thus teach and guide the student to meet his academic goals. eWebStudy follows the curriculum prescribed by the students school. We guarantee you improvement in scores with in the first few months following the initial evaluation test.

eWebStudy online tutoring program provides the student the convenience and flexibility that traditional tutoring does not provide. The students can schedule their classes according to their convenience and can take their tutoring sessions from anywhere, provided they have access to a computer and internet.


Our live tutoring program provides instant feedback, creating personalized learning paths for each student. It offers them the opportunity to master concepts and subjects at their own pace.

Tutors give tests periodically and then analyze the results thoroughly with the student. They present the results graphically so that both parents and students can easily measure the progress. Our tutors use the test results to gain insight into the students learning abilities and then make the necessary changes to the customized tutoring process.

Parents can analyze their childs progress and provide suggestions to the tutors to enrich the tutoring process.

eWebStudy has tutoring programs in Math, English, Science, SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, and ISEE.