Microsoft Technolgies


Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft offers several technologies to allow companies to manage their Windows computers. Some of these technologies are built into the operating system, while others deliver more extensive services as separate applications. One of the more critical aspects to managing a Windows environment is the ability to deploy new applications, application updates and upgrades, fixes to the operating system, and patches vital to the security of the organization.

41 Distributing new or updated software can be a time-consuming event for any size organization. Moreover, an organization without a specific management strategy for distributing software translates into the loss of time, resources, and revenue. Many companies have employed various products that are patched together to provide solutions that have high overhead costs to implement and maintain. Microsoft has developed several solutions that help lower the overall cost of owning and maintaining technology that can effectively replace the existing patchwork and automate the management of computer systems. This paper gives an overview of each technology as well as real-world examples to help better understand not only what tools are available to Microsoft customers but also to determine which tool works best in a given scenario.